PDC 200/24


Part number: PDC 200/24
200W 24v DC power supply
Input voltage: 85~264VAC/ 47-63Hz; 120~370VDC
Rated current: 8.4A
Output Voltage: 24V DC
Rated power: 201.6W
Voltage adjustment: 22.8-26.4V DC
Material: Metal housing
Secondary Wiring: Parallel
Additional information:
Protections:Short circuit/Over load/Over voltage
LED indicator for power on
Built in fan speed control
1. This power supply is intended for use as a component part of other equipment. When installing, ensure that all applicable safety standards e.g EN60950, UL 1950 etc. are complied with.
2. The power supply must be installed and fixed so that the appropiate mounting holes are earthed so the unit will meet with the relevant EMC directives.
3. This component power supply must be installed within a fire enclosure.
4. Ensure the power supply is suitable for your application and will be operated within its specific parameters.
5. If the equipment is to be permanently connected, then a readily accessible disconnect device must be incorporated in the fixing wiring, or if a plug connector is to be used, then ensure the socket outlet is installed near the equipment and that it is easily accessible.
6. This unit is intended to be chassis mounted.
7. The unit must be mountedin such a way that there is no access to the PSU, and any external metalwork must comply with the relevant safety standards creepage and clearance distances.
8. Ensure all plugs and leads are correctly oriented and fully mated with their respective sockets or connectors.

Caution: Voltage drop can occur over long distances.
Recommended minimum cable size 0.75²mm