GL018 T


Sleek and stylish, the GL018 T features marine grade stainless steel, and is submersible in water down to 2 metres. The thread and nut makes this product simple to install into panels, spa baths, pools, and water features.
Part number: GL018 T
For mounting in panels and spa baths
IP Rating: IP68 @ 2m
LED Output: 0.5watts per unit
LED Input: 24vDC
Material: Marine grade(316)stainless steel
Glass: 5mm toughened, semi opaque walkover glass
Cable: 3m HO5RN-F rubber cable attached
Wiring: Parallel
Cut-out: 27 x 30mm
Weight: 0.32kg
24v DC Power Supplies
Part number Input Voltage Specification
PDC 10/24 230 -240V 10watts, NON-DIMMABLE
PDC 20/24 230V-240V 20watts, DIMMABLE with 0-10V only
PDC 25/24 230V-240V 25watts, NON-DIMMABLE
PDC 100/24 110V-240V 100watt, NON-DIMMABLE
PDC 200/24 110V-240V 200watt, NON-DIMMABLE
Caution: Voltage drop can occur over long distances.
Recommended minimum cable size 0.75²mm